Florida inshore fishing is my passion.

Whether casting into the mangroves in hopes of catching another massive Redfish or trying to entice a monster Snook, to hooking world class tarpon, Florida inshore fishing is my passion. Depending on what time of the year it is we can be targeting redfish in the bushes in the summer time to targeting redfish in the flats and sandbars in the winter time. We have a great inshore fishery redfish and snook are year round here in Boca Grande and Charlotte harbor. Everyone knows Boca Grande is Tarpon capital of the world. Boca Grande and Charlotte Harbor  holds  alot Tarpon in our summer time, in march and april we start fishing the Tarpon in Charlotte Harbor,come may through july we are doing most of our tarpon fishing in Boca Grande. Tarpon fishing just off the beaches or in Boca Grande pass most of the time we are using crabs when we are tarpon fishing in boca grande after all the hill tides are done our tarpon move back into the Charlotte Harbor and start feeding very heavy so they can make they migration back south when it gets cold here. Tarpon stay in Charlotte Harbor all the up to october and when are Tarpon are in the Charlotte Harbor we use ladyfish, threadfins and throw alot of baitbuster for the tarpon.